Save Money on School Supplies

It’s that time of year again! Back to school is just around the corner. In this post, I’ll share some deals to help you save money on school supplies.

Some years, I refuse to accept this and push off school supply shopping until the very last minute, when I’m forced to grab supplies wherever I can find them, at whatever price.

This year, though, I’m proud to say we were ready for school with more than a month to go. The best deals I’ve found have been at Target and Walmart, most specifically, Walmart Grocery.

save money on school supplies

Walmart Grocery

If you’re not familiar with Walmart Grocery, it’s time to listen up. Walmart Grocery offers both Pickup and Delivery. Pickup is entirely free. You order through the app and drive up to the store. They come out with your groceries and load up your car. You drive home. Done.

Delivery costs $9.95 a month or $98 a year. This gives you unlimited delivery on grocery orders over $30. If you’re like me and hate grocery shopping, this ensures you never have to set foot anywhere near a grocery store again.

The best part is, the app makes it super easy to let Walmart know if you’re dissatisfied with an item. Just hit the ‘issue with an item’ link and you’ll receive a refund.

Before you do anything else, go sign up so you can get $10 off your first order with either delivery or pickup. Sign up here.

Cheapest items at Walmart Grocery


Fiskars 5″ Scissors, 2-Pack, Available in multiple colors – $0.97


Crayola Classic Crayons 24 Count – $0.50


Crayola Classic Markers 10 Count – $0.97


2″ Binder – $3.88


Wide-ruled paper, Pack of 150 – $0.82


College-Ruled Composition Notebook – $0.50

Wide-Ruled Composition Notebook – $0.50

Pen+Gear Spiral Notebook – College-Ruled  – $0.25


Post-it Notes 90 Pack – $0.97

Cheapest Items at Target


Plastic pocket folders – $0.50

Plastic bradded pocket folders (with prongs) – $0.50


Crayola 10 ct Broadline Markers, Bold and Bright – $0.99


Avery 1″ 3 Ring Binder – $1.99

Up&Up 2″ Binder – $3.99

Index Cards

3×5 Index Cards – $0.49

Best Deals on School Supplies at Amazon

Amazon has some pretty good deals on school supplies too. When purchasing school supplies on Amazon, the best deals are generally for items you buy in bulk.

Here are some examples:

150 Pre-sharpened pencils – $9.99 ($0.06/sharpened pencil)

30 Pack of glue sticks – $7.99 ($0.26/glue stick)

Did you find any great deals I missed? Any other tips on how to save money on school supplies? Post them below!

Savings on Backpacks

Burlington Coat Factory is my go-to for backpacks. They have the cutest styles for incredibly reasonable prices. Check out some examples below:

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