How I Earned $40 in Cash Back on Groceries in Less Than Two Weeks

It always cracks me up when people say, “it’s just a few bucks, it’s not worth my time.” Guess they missed that day in school when the class was learning a little thing called ‘addition.’  A few bucks, over and over again = more bucks.

Don’t get me wrong. If you work every spare minute of the day and would have to sacrifice work time to do something that would ‘only make a few bucks at a time’, it probably would NOT be worth your time. But if it comes down to a five fewer minutes of scrolling through Facebook, I’m not sure anyone could make the same case.

But, even so, I have to admit, I was an Ibotta holdout for a long time.

What is Ibotta? Ibotta is an app that offers cash back on grocery items at tons of supermarkets across the country. The great thing is, these cashback offers are on top of any store offers or manufacturers coupons.

In my case, I mostly buy store brands, so I always figured it wasn’t worth my time. Then I saw that they were offering $3 cash back on Walmart delivery and pickup. Walmart delivery is my life-saving splurge and has changed my life in so many ways, but that’s a discussion for another time.

cash back on groceries with ibottaI downloaded the app and was pleasantly surprised to see that the brands they were offering cash back on were actually brands I have purchased in the past.

Then, I made a trip to Kroger, and that’s where the real magic happened. There were sale items, combined with $5 off 5 items, combined with Ibotta cashback and it was like money raining from the sky.

I think I redeemed 8 offers that trip for close to $12 cash back on a $40 shopping trip. 30% cash back ain’t half bad. Plus, Ibotta is running a promotion where you get a $20 bonus if you redeem 10 offers in your first 14 days using the app. So that was $32 right there.

Then I noticed something else. Some offers don’t even require you to buy any specific brand! There were offers for $1 cashback when you scan your receipt – with ANYTHING on it. There was $0.25 cash back on bananas, eggs, or shredded cheese – any brand at all.

Another interesting feature is the ‘teams.’ When you connect Ibotta to your Facebook account, it finds friends who are already using Ibotta. Their spending combined with your spending helps you earn some neat cash bonuses.

Bottom line – is Ibotta going to make you rich? Well, I’d hold off on buying that yacht just yet. But can it put some extra cash in your pocket? Absolutely.

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